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The Factory

SINA TILES for Marble and Granite , Producers and Exporters - Al Dorogam, working on extracting and manufacturing Marble, using the available competitive advantages of local natural resources of quarries owned by the company in North Sinai in Arab Republic of Egypt.
Our quarries are located in a very vital area “North Sinai “, Sinai is a well known area all over the world as it is the meeting point for the three great religions in addition to its historical and monumental importance’s, according to that we don’t sell just a product but we sell monuments of million of years and we keen on publishing this idea to all of our customers all over the world.
The company quarry considered to be one of the main axis on which our company based on it in the work system which qualify us to achieve our targets such as:

  • Work on securing the abandon of the raw material from our quarry by owning group of the progressing quarries with creative and high quality production Based on Geological specific studies
  • Maximizing the advanced technology role in the extraction operations which leads to minimize the loss of the raw material and we achieve this by using the most advanced Italian technology in marble extraction using diamond wires machines to keep the raw material and the environment in safe.
  • The company quarries production is over than 50,000 ton annually this give us a competitive advantage of self satisfaction in the manufacturing operation of raw materials.
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