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The Factory
The Factory

SINA TILES factory located in Al Arish city the capital of North Sinai which gave us the advantage of the short distance between the quarries and the factory.
SINA TILES for Marble and Granite , Producers and Exporters - Al Dorogam has developed the factories by the year 2007 and used the high technology Italian machine from Pedrini   aiming to enhance the quality level that make our factory one of the modernist and biggest  marble factories in Egypt .
The modernization of the machines used in the marble manufacturing accomplished as:

  • Cutting , Treatment Polish and calibration line for Marble Tables with capacity 200,000 Sqm annually .
  • Tow lines for Cutting , Treatment Polish and calibration marble Check with different sizes with capacity up to 150,000 Sqm annually.
  • New machines for marble production to be produced for the first time in the Middle East such as:
    • Comprehensive line for Mosaic production with capacity up to 18,000 Sqm annually.
    • Stone production line with different sizes with capacity 20,000 Sqm annually .

This is in addition to the supportive machines for the production lines to increase the factory capabilities using the most advanced technology produced by the European markets:

  • Bridge Cut machine using the laser beam in cutting
  • Cutting and polishing machine for stairs , edge cutting with different sizes
  • Cutting and polishing machine for Silicon and edge polishing

Bringing new machines to the factory gave the company the advantage to accommodate the company’s quarries and transform the raw materials into final products with high quality according to the American and European standards.

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