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The Factory

SINA TILES for Marble and Granite, Producers and Exporters - Al Dorogam, top management pays high attention to the export activities as it matches the desired impact on the company vision and growth strategy.

SINA TILES exports in average 80% of the total production to the foreign markets as our export strategy defined as:

  • Gain our customers trust in our marble production quality.
  • Steady increase in the export percentage 20% annually.
  • Achieving self satisfaction of the raw material through the company investments in quarry utilization.
  • Achieving the competitive edge of the products availability at anytime and with any quantity .
  • Constructing systems for strong customer relationship.
  • Products variations according to the target markets matching with the international tastes
  • Dealing with clients through a strong professional marketing management as our main target is opening new markets.
  • Maximizing the international customer’s base by participating in the fairs and exhibitions.
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